President                                                                                        Edward Burns

Chairman of the Board                                                    Leshell Palmer Jones

President Elect                                                                       Debbie Bickerstaff

1st Vice president                                                                       Terriann Dewey

2nd Vice President                                                                    Melissa Wilson

Secretary                                                                                    Nikki Zyskowski

Executive Secretary/Treasurer                                            Christina Williamson


Bylaws and Annual Meeting Coordinator                      Cindy Kramer Reszke

CE Coordinator                                                                      Debbie Bickerstaff

Nominations/Elections                                               Joe Prevo & Dawn Keyser

Education/Student Bee                                                            Melissa Stefanski

Exhibits                                                            Cindy Kramer Reszke & Lisa Wall

Essays                                                                      Ed Burns & Jennifer Zuniga

Legislative                                                                                     Gary Deuhring

Student Scholarships                                                                     Kay Williams

Webmaster/Social Media Admin                                                 Dawn Keyser

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