Should the practice of shielding patients be eliminated?

There has been a lot of talk and differing opinions since the subject was first brought to light a couple months ago. The AAPM wrote a letter stating that shielding of patients for X-ray exams would no longer be necessary. The ASRT has decided to give the idea and subject the summer before making any kind of statement (smart idea), as stated by Sal Martino, ASRT CEO at the June ASRT House of Delegates meeting.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have already heard all this, as well as several opinions on both sides of the issue.

Today the AAPM came out with a follow up to their original letter and can be read here:

I get it. In order to reduce radiation which could be caused by improper placement of shields, they say leave them off. But to relive them from our daily practice altogether? Unless I am misunderstanding their take…

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