Congratulations to the 2018 winners of MSRT’s Student Bee are:
1st place- Viktor Cakmak, Washtenaw CC
2nd place- Christine Williams, Washtenaw CC
3rd place- Alexandria Wheeling, St Clair CC
4th place- Stephanie Hardt, Delta College

In order to participate at the Annual Meeting, please please send the sign up sheet (available and downloadable below) to: 

Melissa Stefanski at

*Return the sign-up form NO LATER THAN September 12, 2018*

To download the sign up sheet CLICK HERE:


The student bee competition will be conducted in a manner similar to a standard spelling bee. Students will be given a question, which is selected randomly from a list of questions, to assure randomness. If the question is answered correctly they will remain in the competition by returning to their assigned seat or place in line. Any student answering incorrectly will move to the spectator area of the room. Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place. Amount of these cash prizes will be determined each year by the MSRT Education Committee.

1. Eligibility a. All participants must be students or recent graduates of an ARRT recognized educational program for Radiography and must have not taken the ARRT Registry Exam. b. Participants must be members of the MSRT at the time of their application of participation in the student bee and must be registered for at least one day of the annual conference in order to be eligible for a prize. c. Each participating program must submit a list of student bee participants to the student bee committee.

2. Program Representation a. Each program may send up to a maximum of Twelve students and five alternates for this competition. Each student will compete independently. Each program must submit a list verifying the students status that must be signed by the Program Director. This list should be sent to the student bee committee. The deadline for submission will be sent out each year with the application to each program.

3. Sources of Questions a.Radiation Protection for Student Radiographers – M. Statkiewicz b.Radiologic Science for Technologists – S. Bushong c.Textbook of Radiographic Positioning and Related Anatomy – K. Bontrager d.Basic Medical Techniques & Patient Care – Torres e.Anatomy and Physiology – M.Mallet, M.D. f.Introduction to Radiologic Technology – L. Gurley/W. Callaway g.Principles of Radiographic Imaging – Carlton/Adler

4. Rules of Competition a. Students will need to present a picture identification and valid MSRT membership card to verify their eligibility. b. Eligible participants will be assigned a seat in a specified area or place in line c. Each row will be instructed when to stand and proceed to the podium by the student bee coordinator d. Participants will be instructed to answer the question randomly selected for them on the screen e. The moderator will read the question aloud f. The participant will be given 20 seconds to answer the question. A stopwatch will be used by the timekeeper. If the question is ruled correct the participant will return to their assigned seat or place in line. If the question is ruled incorrect the participant must move to the designated spectator area. Judges decision is final. g. No response to a question is considered an incorrect answer. h. There will be no discussion among participants or spectators concerning the questions or answers prior, during, or after an answer is given, whether it is correct or incorrect. i. If the coordinator or any other official observes questionable behavior they have the right to remove that individual from the competition, be they participant or spectator. j. Winner of the competition will be the last person in the specified seating area or line k. Any disputes during the competition over any matter connected with the competition will be arbitrated by the judges. Judges decision is final. l. Recording of the material in any form will not be allowed.

5. Officials a. All officials will be appointed by the Student Bee Committee. b. Three judges. c. A moderator. d. A timekeeper. e. Student bee coordinator to direct students through the competition.