Crystal Heddy- Winner of a 2017 MSRT Scholarship

Thank You!

Dear V. Kay Williams and all other scholarship committee members,

I would like to take the time to thank you all for your time in considering and awarding me with one of the MSRT student scholarships. I am very grateful and appreciative that I had the honor of this opportunity. This scholarship means so much to me and will only help me with furthering my education in my new career.

The MSRT conference was a wonderful experience. I gained a lot of knowledge and a few new friends from this conference. I am so happy I decided to attend and experience everything there was to offer for us as students.

I would also like to thank the judges of the MSRT display board competition and the MSRT Board of Directors for having this opportunity available for students to win money towards education along with a membership to MSRT. Alexandria and I worked hard on our board and are so proud and thankful for placing first in this competition.

Thank you again,
Crystal Heddy,
Delta College Student
Future Radiographer

Christopher Dillion, winner of a 2017 MSRT Scholarship

To the MSRT Scholarship Committee:

I wanted to first express the fantastic time that I had attending the MSRT conference. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the multiple speakers as they prepared us to enter into the technologist field. Their knowledge, shared experiences, and interview tips are priceless.

Secondly, I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude as being one of the recipients for the 2017 MSRT Scholarship. I'm sure the committee team had numerous applicants to go through and I wanted to express my appreciation for the time spent filtering through all the applications. I feel very fortunate that I was selected for one of the scholarships and I hope to make the committee proud as I continue to strive for excellence.

Thank you very much,
Christopher Dillon,
Student, Delta College