1st place is Bisma Parvez, Wayne State University of Radiation Thearpy,                                                                  Paper entitled Radiation Related Risks and Recommendations for Childhood Cancer Survivors.

2nd place Caleb Flikkema. Grand Valley State University of Radiation Therapy.                                              Paper entitled Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy used for Radiation Induced Syndromes

3rd place Jenan Mardini. Wayne State University of Radiation Therapy.                                                            Paper entitled Immunotherapy: A Cancer Treatment


The Scientific Essay contest is open to all ACTIVE STUDENT members of M.S.R.T.  A person is eligible if his/her program director can certify that this candidate’s first possible date to write A.R.R.T. registry exam has not lapsed.  All participants must be a member of the M.S.R.T. at time of application deadline and be able to show proof of membership by including a copy of the membership card with the application. All entrants must be registered for at least one (1) day of the annual meeting to be eligible for a prize.


Essays should be no less than six (6), and no more than fifteen (15) pages in length and double-spaced.  All papers should include a title page, reference page and proper in text citation, using APA or MLA format. 

The essay must have a cover sheet/title page, giving only the title of the essay. If illustrations are included, they must be properly cited using APA or MLA format. No clue as to an author's identity shall be found within the body of the paper, only the essay chairperson will know the author's identity.

Essays should be submitted by e-mail in a document or Word format. These essays will be forwarded to the judges (without the author's identity) after the deadline has passed.

 Any file that is unable to be opened by the essay chairperson or missing documents will be disqualified once the deadline has passed.  All attempts to notify the author of any failures will be made by the chairperson in a timely manner and alternate methods of submission will be handled on an as needed basis.

*Please note- Entrants may submit more than one essay, but you are only eligible to win one prize, to be determined by the highest score you receive.

 Follow this link to find the application and complete rules...All complete entries are to be received by midnight, July 31st

Please email your entries to either:

Jennifer Hall at   jennifer.hall@baker.edu

Ed Burns at   edwardburnsjr@gmail.com

**NOTICE: The M.S.R.T. Board of Directors has placed minimum standards upon the awards for both the exhibit and essay contests at the annual meeting every September. Those exhibits or essays that do not attain a minimum of points (60 or better out of 100) on the grading scale, as published, will not be eligible for an award. All entrants must be registered for one day of the Annual Meeting in the same year they are submitting an essay for consideration.**