Your DELEGATES need your Input for the 2018 ASRT House of Delegates Meeting

To:      Membership of the Michigan Society of Radiologic Technologists

From:  Affiliate Delegates

Dear Michigan R.T.’s,

As your Affiliate Delegates for the 2018 ASRT House of Delegates, we are seeking your input on issues that are of importance to you, and that can be brought before the house.. We are the voice of the technologists of Michigan to the ASRT and we would like to hear from our affiliate members. The ASRT House of Delegates is an extremely regimented, governmental type process of conducting the business for the organization, and ultimately, the members it serves. One example, if you follow the communities’ page, is the much discussed topic of whether to use lead shielding on patients or not during radiologic procedures. There are compelling arguments on both sides, but this is an issue that I am sure will be brought forth to the house for discussion. Another continuing discussion from last year will be if our annual dues to the ASRT will, or should, include membership to our affiliate society.

Resolving issues such as these is only part of what your delegates do. We are here to answer any of your questions regarding the ASRT, to network with the leaders in all areas of the radiologic sciences on your behalf. Also, we collect information of importance to our affiliate and its members, educate RT’s on the procedures of the ASRT through the Leadership Development Program. In short, we are here for you and we would love to hear from you.

Please take a moment to forward your thoughts, ideas or questions to any one of your delegates, or to the leadership of the MSRT. Take advantage of “your voice” to the affiliate and national organizations that serve you.

Thank you, and please reach out to any of the contacts listed below. Simply select “Contact Us” from the menu at the top of the page. List any or all of us and we will get your message.

Thank you.

Rex Miller -    Affiliate Delegate                                          

Cindy Kramer Reszke – Affiliate Delegate

Christina Williamson – Alternate Affiliate Delegate

LeShell Palmer Jones – Alternate Affiliate Delegate

Edward Burns - President, MSRT